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1. Pick your niche.

Identify your interests and passions. We’ll help you narrow it down based on your ideas. Our team thoroughly researches popular and upcoming trends that can give you a leg up. Things to think of when deciding a niche: What’s the last product you used? What trends are you following? We’lll help you along the way to find the perfect fit.

2. Choose your business name.

Choosing a business name helps you stand out in the crowd. Things to keep in mind: Avoid hard to spell and pronounce names. You will want to have something easy to search. Don't pick a name that can limit your business growth. Meaning, you would want a name that can cover many products. Think Apple instead of PhonesUnlimited. Our team will help you brainstorm unique business names.

3. Building your store.

After choosing your niche and business name, it's time to build your store. Now the fun starts, our team will handle this process for you. In this stage, our developers' code, build and design your store. Our goal is to deliver you a beautiful aesthetic design that brings your brand to life. We'll also create a logo to match. From there, we'll load carefully selected and high-quality items, run a quality control test and handle all of the complex and time-consuming requirements needed for your store to run smoothly. We'll collaborate every step of the way, ensuring the right and best products. With our expertise in Shopify and dropshipping, your experience will be a fun and exciting one. Once your store is built and loaded, we transfer 100% ownership to you.

4. Promote your store.

Now, it’s time to promote your store! This is a critical step in attracting customers. This includes being active on social media, because growing a following is about being consistent. Posting daily on social media, discovering the right hashtags, creating promotional deals, and running ads to target your audience will help you grow your store. Our team provides additional social media and digital marketing packages.

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Our Services

Online Store Creation

We help you create your online dropshipping store via Shopify. We do all the legwork and transfer 100% ownership to you.

Web Development

We create front-end and back-end websites for every platform. From app landing pages to full website development, we bring your ideas to life.

Online Business Creation

Have a SaaS idea and need help building it out? We can help you through the process of development and brainstorm design and structure. Our team holds a specialty in online business creation.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. We'll create a marketing plan that covers paid media, PPC, retargeting and more.

Social Media Management

Our social marketing team will help you create a plan from scratch tailoring it to your needs. We work with small businesses to fortune 500 companies.

And More...

Need a mixture of everything we offer? Tell us your project we'll create a custom package for you.

What our clients are saying

I used Fortune Digital for some social media business and personal brand accounts. I've been using them for the last 4.5 months and I must say business went up 12% since the last quarter. We worked together curating content and creating a calendar of posting. I highly recommend them, they're definitely knowledgeable in the digital space.
Janet Y.
Seattle, WA
I used Fortune Digital Group for some social media business for my b-ball academy. I have been very happy with how the pages are growing and the followers are gaining. I recommend them for any digital projects needed.
Jaden L.
Denver, CO
Their advice and guidance helped me create and develop my first online store. Being that this was new territory, they walked me through each step answering any questions I had. The turnaround time of creating my store happened in a flash! Thanks for your help!
Sierra M.
Silver Spring, MD
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